J-L was created to satisfy a need for friends and family to have their cars looked after for a reasonable cost.

We cannot easily widen our family but are happy to welcome new friends. Genuine friends are hard to find and once you have one they'll be there for you whatever happens. This is the basis for our business. Treat us right and we'll do our best for you, happy to help and advise. It's a two way street though and we have to make a living but we are not greedy. We have made a significant investment to put us in a position to do what we do so we ask you to remember it's not just time and materials that have to be paid for.

In addition to recovery and repair services we sometimes offer for sale bargain priced vehicles that have been seized by finance companies, bailiffs or the police. These will be HPI clear, may be cosmetically challenged but are basically mechanically sound in our opinion. You can get a lot of car for little money if you're not looking for perfection and are happy to live with the odd scratch, dink or scrape. These normally have a long MOT and run well but as their history is unknown we sell as spares or repairs to keep the price low. You could grab a real bargain!



Gopher, Diagnostics and Ideas

Steve has been pratting about with all sorts of mechanical things for 60 plus years. He built a V8 minivan, a Super-rapid S type jag (60s variety) and rallied things that looked like minis for two years. He is now the brains (if you'll pardon the concept) behind J-L.



Master Mechanic and Welder

Mark has also been playing with all things vehicular for more years than he cares to admit. He's been there, seen it, done it, got the tea shirt, worn it out and sent it to Oxfam. He's forgotten more things about doing mechanics than most will ever know and still manages to get things done even in the most adverse situations. Pretty much a genius in his field, and not too bad with cars either.



Bodywork and Paint

Rich is a relative newcomer. He has qualified in Bodywork and Paint from an actual training establishment so really knows his stuff. He's even worked for main dealers before going it for himself and joning our merry band. The quality of his work is up there with the best.



Teas, Coffees and Butties

No one and nowhere can function without the sort of services Karin provides. The most essential team member she keeps us going through the worst. Always bright and cheerful she motivates us all whilst tending to our primal needs.